Valley of Quest

This is the second of “The Conference of the Birds” songs i’ve been writing and recording on sunday songwriting marathons this year. I got two songs done last time Valley of Quest (this one) and Valley of Love. I’ll shoot for 3-4 songs this Sunday!

The Conference of the Birds

Part 1

“In which all the birds of the world get together for a conference and are addressed by the hoopoe bird.” – Peter Sis.

This is the first song of my sunday songwriting marathons I’ve started doing this year. I got one whole song done after a day of setting up gear and remembering how Logic works again. I’m doing a series of songs – like a concept album – based on Peter Sis’s “The Conference of the Birds” interpretation of the 12th century Persian epic 4,500 line poem by Farid Ud-Din Attar. Peter’s is much shorter but with beautiful visual art. Mine is shorter still and musical.