Valley of Quest

This is the second of “The Conference of the Birds” songs i’ve been writing and recording on sunday songwriting marathons this year. I got two songs done last time Valley of Quest (this one) and Valley of Love. I’ll shoot for 3-4 songs this Sunday!

The Conference of the Birds

Part 1

“In which all the birds of the world get together for a conference and are addressed by the hoopoe bird.” – Peter Sis.

This is the first song of my sunday songwriting marathons I’ve started doing this year. I got one whole song done after a day of setting up gear and remembering how Logic works again. I’m doing a series of songs – like a concept album – based on Peter Sis’s “The Conference of the Birds” interpretation of the 12th century Persian epic 4,500 line poem by Farid Ud-Din Attar. Peter’s is much shorter but with beautiful visual art. Mine is shorter still and musical.

Sense of You


These make sense

Hark, electronic funky soul breaks my harp.

This is a remix of my original acoustic version.

I think this one sounds hipper. Dig.

“Sensational,” says the Secret Agency.

“Chew played his bass like a…jail break!” Funky Inquirer.

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Written some time later during his first term in office. He’s the Man – not in a good way. There are lots of them in the world, always in positions of power. Let’s hope the Black Man moving into his White House for a change does better (not hard to do better than this but a hell of a mess – guess black folks are still cleaning up after whitey, especially now).

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Delicious Cow Product

Delicious Cow Product


I wrote this when I was living with a rasta in Toronto who may just be the real King of Kensington Market. I had become the unwilling father of a stray cat who tried her best to drive me crazy via allergies and kitten rambunctiousness.

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